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Cardboard box single shaft shredder

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Cardboard box single shaft shredder 

Cardboard box recycling is the best solution for the planet and your local community because it helps to conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials and create jobs. Cardboard box is also referred as corrugated cardboard box or container. It is a good recyclable material if your cardboard is not waxed, wet and soiled. Cardboard box single shaft shredder and cardboard box horizontal baler can help to save money on waste disposal costs.

Cardboard box waste can be baled and compacted and then sent to recyclers. Corrugated boxes constituted the largest single component of municipal solid waste. Recyclers separate them from other paper because paper mills produce different grades of material depending on what is being recovered. Some large generators can receive revenue from the scrap cardboard boxes.

How to recycle cardboard box? Paper mills received the baled cardboard boxes. The opened bales go into a repulper, filled with water which agitates the boxes until they form fiber slurry. Then there is a contaminant removal process through some equipment. The cleaned pulp goes into a paper machine to form a fiber mat. Rewinding the paper into rolls for shipping to box manufacturers completes the recycling process. Manufacturers can use recycled paper for the flat liner sheets, as well as the corrugated ridged or fluted medium between these liners, to make new corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes. In a word, scrap cardboard box can be inspected, pulped, rolled into sheets, corrugated and glued into new sheets for new box. Recycled cardboard is a high quality material which can be recycled for many times without losing strength.

There are some other recycling solutions for cardboard boxes. For example, scrap small cardboard boxes can be shredded into small pieces by a cardboard box shredder. Then they will be baled for RDF purpose.

ENERPAT brand size reduction machines have many different cardboard box single shaft shredders or cardboard box granulators for your options. Contact us to get your own cardboard box shredder machine for your unique size reduction purpose.

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