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Recruitment Process
The company's recruitment process is developed by the Ministry of Personnel, the main purpose is to regulate the company's recruitment behavior, to protect the company and recruit staff rights and interests, the process is divided into recruitment plans, recruitment, candidates, interviews, hiring and other aspects.
1, personnel to add the declaration
The supervisor of the employing unit shall fill in the "Personnel Supplement Application Form" ten days before the time required for the staff and fill in the form as required.

2, the audit process
2.1 Employer department manager to review the scope of the preparation, recruitment conditions, job description;
2.2 The employing department in charge of the deputy general audit preparation scope, recruitment conditions, job description;
2.3 Personnel Manager Review the completeness of the contents of the "Personnel Application Form"
2.4 Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive vice president, general manager of the company signed the views.

3, recruitment operations
3.1 Personnel Recruitment Commissioner to receive the employer to submit the "staff to add application form", the job post job description;
3.2 Recruiters through the relevant recruitment channels timely release of recruitment information;
3.3 The recruitment commissioner to implement the specific recruitment activities (if necessary, employing units / departments with the recruitment work).

4, interview preparation
4.1 Personnel Department timely summary of the recruitment of personnel to meet the conditions of recruitment information;
4.2 notify the employing department to determine the interview time;
4.3 Personnel Recruitment Commissioner to inform candidates to participate in the interview (specific time, place, should be valid with the original certificate and other related materials);
4.4 Employee participation in the interview.

5, hiring
5.1 Personnel Department According to the final interview results of the employing department, notify the recruits to apply for entry procedures;
5.2 in the employing sector can not be identified in time candidates, by the Ministry of Personnel according to job requirements to confirm, to meet the requirements of the hiring.

6, entry for
Personnel Department is responsible for the new staff entry procedures, fill out the "staff file registration form", according to job requirements to provide body
Card, diploma, degree certificate, color photos, professional qualification certificate (special job examination report to provide medical report), signed a labor contract. Notify the employing department to do the job placement of new recruits.

7, employment trial
7.1 new staff after the inauguration of the trial, the employing department in the one to three months of the trial period of the new staff to do the job scope of the project training and trial results assessment;
7.2 Personnel Department in the new staff into the factory trial period, should take the initiative to the employer to understand the work of new staff, and check the employment department of the new staff positions and training arrangements, so that timely detection of problems and timely problems.

8, positive and dismissed
8.1 When the new staff trial expires, the employing department shall assess the trial results of the new personnel in time and give the evaluation results to the personnel department in time.
8.2 Personnel Department will be based on the assessment results, to achieve the positive requirements of the positive, fixed salary; do not meet the requirements of the dismissal.

9, the recruitment principle
9.1 Principles of objective and impartiality
Personnel and Recruiters in the recruitment of personnel, we must overcome the individual likes and dislikes to the objective attitude and vision to select the staff, so impartial, objective and impartial.
The principle of both ability and integrity
Recruitment must pay attention to the cultivation of the moral character of candidates, on the basis of the candidates to study the talent, so that Germany first, both ability and political integrity.
9.3 first inside and outside the principle
Personnel Department and the employing department in the recruitment, should first select the appropriate personnel within the company, on this basis for external recruitment, so as to fully use and integrate the company's existing human resources.
9.4 Avoidance principle
The company will be based on the full study to be selected, but associated with the relevant personnel in the recruitment process should take the initiative To avoid, but not on the recruitment process or personnel to exert pressure on the objectivity of recruitment impartiality.
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