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Waste Cardboard Baler

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Enerpat Waste Cardboard Baler 

The ECB series waste cardboard baler is suitable for packaging paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), cotton, waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic film, turnover box), straw, straw and other loose material. It is an ideal machine for cardboard recycling. They are simple and easy to use and represent excellent value for money. These balers provide a cost-effective means of removing card, polythene or other recyclables from the waste stream, increasing recycling output and helping to keep waste areas clean and tidy. They have been designed with the smallest possible footprint but can dramatically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, thus cutting the cost of waste disposal, and in some cases producing income from recyclable material.


Currently, supermarket and packing plant produce large quantities of waste boxes. They cause lots of problems such as taking up space, polluting environment and so on. Our waste cardboard baler can greatly reduce the volume of litter bins, so as to reduce transport volume, freight savings for enterprises to increase benefits.


MENERPAT es una empresa internacional con fábricas en el Reino Unido, Alemania y China. Nos especializamos en clasificadoras, trituradoras y empacadoras para todo tipo de residuos reciclados como metales y plásticos. En ENERPAT, creemos que "La calidad cambia el mundo" y demostramos la mejor calidad de equipos del mundo con una creencia centrada en las personas.

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