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The successful case of Automatic Metal baler AMB-L series

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Our name conveys our message—Klamath Works. In 2014, we met with government agencies, charities and religious ministries to find ways to address social problems in the Klamath Basin. We reached a powerful conclusion: The best welfare program for the needy is more jobs, and developing the recycling industry is profitable for the local economy and the environment.

Mattress springs baler


Giving much pressure on the local environment, many waste mattresses are thrown away every day, which is a huge waste of resources. If they can do something to recycle these mattresses, not only can they take advantage of the waste, but also they can offer many job vacancies for those native people who have no income. So, the only problem, in the end, is how to effectively recycle the scrap mattress.


Klamath Works coincidentally got to know ENERPAT when he was searching on the internet, and he felt himself on the top of the world to find ENERPAT recycling equipment. Immediately, Klamath Works made a phone call to our customer service center and talked about his expectations and requirements.

Mr.Chris Lindsey made his decision on purchasing ENERPAT recycling machines after several talks and material tests. He has been very satisfied with our Horizontal Balers for textiles and Metal Balers for pressing mattress springs.

Mattress springs baler

Why choosing ENERPAT?

Customer has several requirements about the supplier and machine:

1) Reliable Manufacturer who has enough experiences

Headquartered in Manchester, UK, Enerpat Group Uk Ltd is a European innovative environmental protection industry group with operations in 165 countries around the world. It is a global service provider for environmental problem solving, renewable energy management, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing and sales.

2) Powerful Machine with Top Quality

With UK machine design and under UK quality control,our purpose is to produce Top Quality machines with Competitive Chinese Price.

We cooperating with international famous brands like:


SCHNEIDER electric system

HARDOX wearing plates

REXROTH Valve and Pump


3) Good After-Sales Service

We can arrange engineers fly to customers for installing the machines and training customers how to use and do the maintenance.

Spare Parts stock which can be delivered to our customers by express delivery,which can be received in 5 days MAX.

MENERPAT es una empresa internacional con fábricas en el Reino Unido, Alemania y China. Nos especializamos en clasificadoras, trituradoras y empacadoras para todo tipo de residuos reciclados como metales y plásticos. En ENERPAT, creemos que "La calidad cambia el mundo" y demostramos la mejor calidad de equipos del mundo con una creencia centrada en las personas.

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