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Shred Your Toughest Debris With this Heavy-Duty Shredder

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most powerful heavy-duty shredder

Enerpat largest and most powerful heavy-duty shredder is perfect for difficult size reduction operations. It is designed for the most demanding industrial applications that require power and repeatable results. 

This large vegetable cutter can be flexibly customized according to your demanding needs.The machine works without any additional spray or rinse water. 

Its powerful two shaft crusher system can provide low-speed and high-torque pretreatment, shredding or lumps for various industries, including hazardous waste processing, recycling, agriculture, meat or seafood processing, etc. 

Not all industrial shredders work the same-discuss with us how to customize heavy-duty shredders for the most demanding industrial waste reduction needs.

  • Minimize transportation costs by reducing the volume of your waste

  • Pretreated materials can enhance processing and equipment protection capabilities

  • Minimize costs by creating a closed-loop system and reusing process waste

  • Throughput range 891-1504 ft3/hr (25-42 m3/hr) depending on material

  • Cutting chamber from 30-50 inches (750-1,250 mm) long

  • Powerful 30-100 hp (22-75 kW) motors are available


  • Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque waste shredder with hardened steel cutters

  • Automated monitoring and controls package to monitor and optimize performance

  • Rugged cast housing construction and direct gear drive for heavy-duty shredding

  • Optional food-grade nickel-plated housing and stainless steel cutting chamber components

  • Integrated steel scrapers to increase throughput and prevent material build-up

  • Specialized cutter configurations and materials are available for your specific application Custom hoppers and stands made to fit your application

How to satisfy the demand of our clients?
  • Eneerpat adopts European and domestic first-line brand configuration, Siemens motor, Schneider Electric, Boneng reducer, Japanese NOK seal ring, French SKF bearing, etc.

  • The whole machine is produced with British drawings

  •  The electrical system is equipped with overload detection configuration, when it encounters hard materials, it will stop-reverse-rotate to protect the machine.

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