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Scrap Metal Shredding Line

The scrap metal shredding line designed for shredding car shell,light metals,even process the E-waste and white goods,which comes with the separation function,ferrous and non ferrous metal,plastic ,etc can be separated.
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Product Description

Major Function        

Enerpat Recycling Line    
No. Subsystem and Equipment Function
1 conveying system
material lifting system turns the metal shavings to the centralized storage bin
Chip chain conveyor feeding is clean and uniform, closed, no liquid and chip leakage
2 Shredding system
Single shaft crusher crushes shavings from large size to small size
3 waste liquid collection system
Swarf liquid purification collection box Filters and recovers the swarf liquid
4 cake pressing system
5 pressing system squeezes metal shavings into round cakes, reducing the volume of shavings and chips
6 storage system
Centralized storage bin Large-capacity storage space to accommodate more chips, and supply materials to the metal chip cake press regularly and quantitatively

Enerpat-Scrap-Metal-Shredding-Line 2  


  • PLC control, fully automatic operation

  • Siemens Motor, Huade Hydraulic System

  • Gate type pushing system, fast speed and high efficiency

  • The equipment is equipped with a residual liquid collection system, which

    can collect compressed waste liquid

  • The equipment is equipped with a screw conveyor to improve production efficiency


Enerpat Scrap Metal Shredding Line-6

Successful Case

Enerpat-Scrap-Metal-Shredding-Line (2)


1,Are you a factory or trade company?

    ENERPAT is the UK based company, and we have our own enerpat China factory as the manufacturer.

2,Q:How can i get the after-service?

     A: We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us.

        If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,but you should pay.

3,How can I trust your company?

A. Enerpat® is the UK baded company located in London
B. Enerpat®is the SGS certificated company
C. Enerpat® have the USA, UK, Australia, Germany company, and more than 450 agents

4,Q: Can we order one set machine?

         A:Yes, you can.

MENERPAT es una empresa internacional con fábricas en el Reino Unido, Alemania y China. Nos especializamos en clasificadoras, trituradoras y empacadoras para todo tipo de residuos reciclados como metales y plásticos. En ENERPAT, creemos que "La calidad cambia el mundo" y demostramos la mejor calidad de equipos del mundo con una creencia centrada en las personas.

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