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How to Use a Waste Shredder

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Please follow below tips when you get a waste shredderNEVER USE IT UPON YOUR SELF-ASSERTION.



Read the instructional manual for your waste shredder. Every shredder operates slightly differently, so take the time to familiarize yourself with how your shredder works. Is it with one button to auto start? Or having several security lock, and you should open all locks first? The more you know, the more use you'll get out of it.


Place the waste shredder in your right position. Every shredder has its outlet, you should put one container under outlet for storage shreds, or you can add one discharge conveyor which can transfer shreds to the place you want to go.


Plug your power cord into the 3 phase electricity. Some places has no 3phase electricity, suggest to buy one diesel generator, which also can run machines effectively.


Feeding waste materials into the shredding chamber. Be sure to read in the instruction manual to determine how many materials can be shredded at once. As the materials "touch" the blades, the machine will start to shred automatically. Do not force the materials in; simply allow the machine to "take" the materials automatically..


Empty the collection basket. Do not allow the basket to become so full that shreds of materials are backing up into the machine. Simply unplug the shredder for safety, empty the basket. Then reattach the shredder as previously described to continue shredding.



  • Do close to the shredder when it is running, it is very dangerous when power is on.

  • In case of any abnormal situation, press the emergency stop button.

  • Turn off all power when the machine is stopped.


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If you are not clear for above tips, contact us before running your waste shredder.

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