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Complete Electronic Waste Recycling Plant

The prefect weee recycling line for many kinds of Electronic Waste like:keyboard,computer,hard drive,printer,fax machine,etc.which can separate out the metals,plastic,paper and non ferrous metals.
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  • ERL-E


Product Description

The system is designed for mixed rigid plastics washing and separation.

Minimizing the recycling water flow rate and evaporation losses.

The shredding system is with wear resistant design to maximize the consistent running of the system and minimize operational costs.

High speed washing system with corresponding speed according to the material type liberates contamination from the plastic.

The underwater force-washing paddle of the washing tank maximize the washing efficiency.

Mechanical and thermal drying system minimize the moisture content of the end product.

Shredding, high speed washing and drying is optimized to avoid over processing, which causes material loss (fines creation).

System automation makes sure the components actions are linked, the system capacity is maximized, and that the system is suitably protected against interfering material.

Customized 316 stainless steel system is optional for corrosive material washing.

NIR, Color, X-ray or Electrostatic sorters can be provided according to the material type and separation requirements.

Enerpat produce at least 10 weee recycling line,each recycling line for special application,The ERL-3000 E-Waste recycling line we produced for our Europe customer who recycling E-Waste as below: waste computer,hard drive,printing machine,copyning machine,fax machine,keyboard,laptop etc the end products comes from the recycling line are : Scrap Metals,Mixed Plastic ,copper,aluminum. but enerpat also produce eddy current separating machine for separate out non ferrous metals from the mixed scrap plastic. 

ERL-3000 E-Waste Shredding Line END PRODUCTS 
1.Scrap Metals 
2.Mixed plastic,scrap copper,scrap aluminum 

ERL-E3000 E-Waste Shredding Line APPLICATIONS 
2.Hard Drive 
3.Printing Machine 
7.DVD Player 
9.Keyboard and mouse 

ERL-E3000 E-Waste Shredding Line INCLUDING 
1.Feeding in conveyor 
2.Twin shafts shredder 
3.Feeding out conveyor 
4.Magnetic separator 
5.Manual sorting conveyor 
6.Drum Magnetic Separator 

The ERL-E3000 makes TWO tons per hour for output 


MENERPAT es una empresa internacional con fábricas en el Reino Unido, Alemania y China. Nos especializamos en clasificadoras, trituradoras y empacadoras para todo tipo de residuos reciclados como metales y plásticos. En ENERPAT, creemos que "La calidad cambia el mundo" y demostramos la mejor calidad de equipos del mundo con una creencia centrada en las personas.

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