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Closed Door Baler Machine, Horizontal Closed Door Baler For Sales

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Closed door baler machine also refers to horizontal closed door baler. This kind of horizontal baler features with a closed end and also popular as closed end baler. It offers a broad selection of waste materials; baling solutions. Also it can make denser bales compared with open door baler machine.

Closed door baler baling applications

Closed door baler can be available for a variety of applications. For example, from cardboard, paper trim waste, PET bottles, PP or HDPE containers, textile waste, plastic film, fiber to other packing material and disposable plastic tableware, you can always find an ideal closed door baling machine to fit your needs. Small footprint series or model is more suitable for light basis weight paper, film and foils. The middle size series or model can handle folding carton, cardboard, chipboard, boxboard, and a variety of coated stocks. The heavy duty series or model is a good baling solution for tough; materials such as envelope skeletal waste, small paper slabs, and heavy fiberboard. Super heavy duty series or model can even bale whole or flattened aluminum cans as well as PET beverage containers.

Typical features of closed door baler machines

Closed door baler machines can provide years of dependable service. Normally it is manual tie horizontal balers. Below are some typical features for easy reference:

It has closed end design which ensures very dense bales especially for hollow products.Hydraulic controlled end door allows for ease of operation and improved worker safety. Hydraulic-driven exit door can automatically lifting up to let the bale come out. So it can promotes operation efficiency and maximize output.

Horizontal cutter on feeding aperture is for cutting off the excessive material. So it prevents material from getting stuck at the feeding aperture.

PLC control system automates the operation and promotes accuracy.

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