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A guide to maintain waste shredder

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Most recyclers invest waste shredders for their business, and when they get machines in hand, it needs one guide to teach you how to maintain it.

A guide to maintain waste shredder

No matter you have two shaft shredder or single shaft shredder, below information deserves you to read it carefully before running your waste shredders.


A guide to maintain waste shredder

Maintenance Checklist for Industrial Shredders

Plan For Downtime

Your shredders need to be maintained on a regular basis, particularly in the waste industry where a wide range of materials are put into your shredder. The best way to avoid downtime is by cleaning out and maintaining the shredding chamber on a regular basis. Switching the knives and replacing the counter-knives routinely will ensure that your cutting system stays sharp and shreds optimally.


Metal Detection as Prevention

A great way to prevent any metal objects from entering your shredding system is by installing a metal detector on your shredder’s infeed conveyor. This will sieve out any pieces of metal that got past the pre-sorting process. A metal detector helps in preventing a lot of unnecessary downtime by removing any metal objects that could damage your machine from within.


Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

Routine preventative checkups on your shredding system will reduce the chances of any unexpected problems popping up and keep your shredder running smoothly.


Your industrial shredder also needs to be examined regularly for consistency in terms of optimal performance with no delays. This is what you need to do to maintain your shredding system:

  • Replace your liners before they fail

  • Tighten the bolts regularly

  • The hammers need to be moved, turned or replaced

  • The feed rolls should be cleared of scrap and maintained regularly

  • Inspect your belts and rollers to find any failing splices, abrasion and wear

  • Clean your air system regularly but make sure to maintain the gaps and seals

  • Regularly check the grates to ensure that there is enough distance between the hammers to ensure that you are getting the best density.


Here are 4 important tips that you can follow to maintain your industrial shredder:

1. Maintain a stock of spare replacement parts for emergencies

2. Make sure that your side liners don’t run too far around the rotor as it compromises the end disks.

3. Regularly maintain your rotor to prevent any material from building up between the disk and the shredder wall. Keep your cover liners up to prevent any end disk abrasion and sidewall wear.

4. Don’t ruin your shredder anvils or cutter bars by running them to failure as this degrades their ability to cut and eject the waste from the great circle. Worn out grates and anvils cause the hammer to drag over the material and reduce the non-ferrous, power efficiency and ferrous cleanliness.


Bear Fire Hazards in Mind

The nature of operations that involve an industrial shredder make it a potential fire hazard. So, fire prevention should also be one of your top safety agendas. Train your employees about fire hazards and how to react to them in the workplace. Industrial shredders have now got carefully positioned infrared, UV, heat and spark detectors on their inlet hopper and discharge conveyor.


Here are 2 situations you need to bear in mind:

Failure to Clean Your Motor Air Cooling System

Failure to clean your motor air cooling system can lead to a buildup of dirt in the windings. Hot or humid operating days can cause high motor temperatures, overheating and even spark a fire.

Your Inspectors Can Miss an Auto with Fuel

Your staff may try to avoid cleaning the leakage that builds up between your shredder and the motor building. Your supervisors may also fail to notice an auto with fuel in the tank which is hazardous as the fuel can run out when the auto slides down the in-feed chute and near the scrap pile leading to an explosion.

Choose the Correct Technology Carefully

Choose an industrial shredder that has durable parts which don’t get worn out so easily and don’t require any pulleys or a belt drive, as this type of design reduces the chances of a breakdown. Some modern industrial shredders also have touch screen control panels that allow the operator to fix any problems without having to enter the shredding system. All such advanced technological features contribute towards efficient operations and enhance workplace safety.


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